Topics by Grade

GFE14 Coordinates13 Tallys and Charts1 Place Value3 Reading Scales
GFE 20 Mean Median Mode and Range2 Ordering Numbers12 Timetables & Distance Tables
GFE 21 Pictograms4 Negative Numbers15 Angles
GFE5 Fractions of an Amount16 Congruent Shapes
GFE6 Powers and Square roots17 Perimeter, Area and Volume
GFE7 Fractions, Decimals and Percentages18 Measures: Metric & Imperial
GFE8 Money Problems19 2D and 3D Shapes
GFE9 Shading Fractions of Rectangles22 Conversion Graphs
GFE10 Addition and Subtraction
GFE11 Multiplication and Division
D32 Substitution45 Two-Way Tables23 Factors, Multiples and Primes33 Angles in Parallel Lines
D 46 Pie Charts24 Powers, Roots and BIDMAS34 Angles in Triangles and Quadrilaterals
D 47 Scatter Graphs25 Ordering Fractions, Decimals &Percentages35 Angles in Polygons
D 48 Frequency Polygons26 Best Buys36 Area and Circumference of Circles
D 49 Stem and Leaf Diagrams27 Fractions: +,-, x, ÷37 Area of Compound Shapes
D 50 Probability28 Ratio38 Rotations
D29 Proportion Recipe Type Questions39 Reflections
D30 Using a Calculator40 Enlargements
D31 Exchange Rates41 Translations
D42 Mixed Transformations
D43 Nets Plans and Elevations
D44 Symmetry
C57 Collecting Like Terms78 Probability and Relative Frequency51 Percentages69 Distance Time Graphs
C58 Expanding and Factorisation79 Averages from Frequency Tables52 Product of Prime Factors, HCF and LCM70 Pythagoras Theorem
C59 Solving Equations80 Questionnaires53 Using Place Value71 Surface Area
C60 Changing the Subject of a Formula 54 Negative Numbers72 Volume of a Prism
C61 Inequalities 55 Estimation73 Volume and Surface Area of Cylinder
C62 Trial and Improvement 56 Utility Bills74 Similar Shapes
C64 Forming and Solving Equations 63 Index Notation for Multiplication and Division75 Compound Measures
C65 Sequences 81 Functional Maths Questions76 Loci and Construction
C66 Drawing Straight Line Graphs 77 Bearings
C67 Solving Simultaneous Equations Graphically
C68 Drawing Quadratic Graphs
A*AB85 Expand and Factorise Quadratics91 Cumulative Frequency and Box Plots82 Standard Form89 Trigonometry
A*AB86 Solving quadratics by Factorisation92 Tree Diagrams83 Compound Interest and Depreciation90 Circles Theorems
A*AB87 Simultaneous Equations109 Histograms84 Reverse Percentage103 Enlargements by Negative Scale Factor
A*AB88 Inequalities Regions110 Stratified Sampling93 Recurring Decimals104 Sine and Cosine Rules & Areas of Triangles
A*AB98 Solving Quadratics Using the Formula 94 Fractional and Negative Indices105 3D Pythagoras
A*AB99 Algebraic Fractions 95 Surds106 Spheres and Cones
A*AB100 More Difficult Rearranging Formulae 96 Direct and Inverse Proportion107 Area of Sector and Length of Arcs
A*AB101 Simultaneous Equations with a Quadratic 97 Upper and Lower Bounds108 Vectors
A*AB102 Transformations of Functions
A*AB111 Proof