2008-05-19 EdExcel 5540H-3H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    ProportionYesNo
Q02    Algebra (Applied)YesNo
Q03    Stem and leafYesNo
Q04    Multiplying decimalsYesNo
Q05    3D CoordinatesYesNo
Q06    Algebra (Applied)YesNo
Q07    Surface areaYesNo
Q08    EstimationYesNo
Q09    ProbabilityYesNo
Q10    Simplification and ExpansionYesNo
Q11    Construction (Triangles)NoNo
Q12    InequalitiesYesNo
Q13    FractionsYesNo
Q14    Transformations (Rotation / Translation / Reflection)YesNo
Q15    Expand and FactoriseYesNo
Q16    Box plotsYesNo
Q17    Standard formYesNo
Q18    Circle theoremsYesNo
Q19    Simultaneous EquationYesNo
Q20    Linear graphsYesNo
Q21    Probability treesYesNo
Q22    Rearranging EquationsYesNo
Q23    Rationalising SURDSYesNo
Q24    Surface area and volumeYesNo
Q25    VectorsYesNo
Q26    Volume and proofYesNo
Q27    Transforming graphsYesNo
Q28    SimplificationYesNo

2008-06-02 EdExcel 5540H-4H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    ProbabilityYesNo
Q02    Using a calculatorYesNo
Q03    Scatter graphsYesNo
Q04    Angles in parallel linesYesNo
Q05    Elevations and plansYesNo
Q06    SequencesYesNo
Q07    Trial and improvementYesNo
Q08    Frequency polygonsYesNo
Q09    Solving equationsYesNo
Q10    Ratio and percentageYesNo
Q11    Algebra - simplify substitute factoriseYesNo
Q12    Percentage and moving averagesYesNo
Q13    Volume and densityYesNo
Q14    Area Pythagoras and TrigonometryYesNo
Q15    Transformations: ReflectionYesNo
Q16    HCF and LCMYesNo
Q17    Standard formYesNo
Q18    InequalitiesYesNo
Q19    Area of sectorYesNo
Q20    Proportion: inverseYesNo
Q21    HistogramsYesNo
Q22    Upper boundsYesNo
Q23    Rearrange and SolveYesNo
Q24    Sine ruleYesNo
Q25    Proportion: directYesNo

2008-11-06 EdExcel 5540H-3H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    SimplifyingNoNo
Q02    CalculationNoNo
Q03    Real life graphsNoNo
Q04    Plans and elevationsNoNo
Q05    Fraction additionNoNo
Q06    Area of compound shapeNoNo
Q07    TransformationsNoNo
Q08    QuestionnairesNoNo
Q09    FactorisationNoNo
Q10    RatioNoNo
Q11    Angles in a regular polygonNoNo
Q12    Form and solve equation from shapeNoNo
Q13    InequalitiesNoNo
Q14    Angle bisectorNoNo
Q15    Product of prime factors and HCFNoNo
Q16    Substitution and changing the subjectNoNo
Q17    Standard formNoNo
Q18    Cumulative FrequencyNoNo
Q19    Expressions that could represent areasNoNo
Q20    Circle theoremsNoNo
Q21    Probability treesNoNo
Q22    Factorisation and expanding double bracketsNoNo
Q23    HistogramsNoNo
Q24    Recurring decimals to fractionsNoNo
Q25    Indices and surdsNoNo
Q26    CongruencyNoNo
Q27    Trigonometric GraphsNoNo
Q28    Simultaneous EquationNoNo

2008-11-12 EdExcel 5540H-4H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    ProportionYesNo
Q02    Using a calculatorYesNo
Q03    PercentagesYesNo
Q04    Expand and SolveYesNo
Q05    SequencesYesNo
Q06    AreaYesNo
Q07    Angles in parallel linesYesNo
Q08    Scatter graphsYesNo
Q09    Percentages - Compound interestYesNo
Q10    Stem and leafYesNo
Q11    Linear graphsYesNo
Q12    LociNoNo
Q13    LCMYesNo
Q14    Expand and SimplifyYesNo
Q15    ProbabilityYesNo
Q16    PythagorasYesNo
Q17    Mean from frequency tableYesNo
Q18    Percentages - depreciationYesNo
Q19    Proof and quadratic formulaYesNo
Q20    Sequences and proofYesNo
Q21    TrigonometryYesNo
Q22    Direct proportionYesNo
Q23    Lower and upper boundYesNo
Q24    VolumeYesNo
Q25    Two-way tableYesNo
Q26    VectorsYesNo
Q27    Transforming graphsYesNo

2009-05-18 EdExcel 1380-3H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    Two way tableYesNo
Q02    SimplifyYesNo
Q03    Linear graphsYesNo
Q04    SubstitutionYesNo
Q05    TransformationsYesNo
Q06    Solving EquationsYesNo
Q07    Numerical CalculationsYesNo
Q08    Prime factor decompositionYesNo
Q09    Plans and elevationsYesNo
Q10    Numerical CalculationsYesNo
Q11    Upper and lower boundsYesNo
Q12    LociNoNo
Q13    QuestionnairesYesNo
Q14    EstimationYesNo
Q15    Standard formYesNo
Q16    FactorisationYesNo
Q17    Cumulative FrequencyYesNo
Q18    Circle TheoremsYesNo
Q19    Simultaneous EquationYesNo
Q20    Solving InequalitiesYesNo
Q21    ProportionYesNo
Q22    HistogramsYesNo
Q23    Probability treesYesNo
Q24    CongruencyYesNo
Q25    Substitution and RearrangmentYesNo
Q26    Graph transformationsYesNo

2009-06-01 EdExcel 1380-4H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    Currency conversionYesNo
Q02    TransformationsYesNo
Q03    Sequences - quadraticYesNo
Q04    Scatter GraphsYesNo
Q05    CalculationYesNo
Q06    Substitution and rearrangingYesNo
Q07    BearingsNoNo
Q08    RatioYesNo
Q09    Trial and improvementYesNo
Q10    Angle bisectorNoNo
Q11    Reasoning about primesYesNo
Q12    Mean from grouped frequency tableYesNo
Q13    Circle perimeterYesNo
Q14    Expand and simplifyYesNo
Q15    Use of calculatorYesNo
Q16    Simplify - indicesYesNo
Q17    PythagorasYesNo
Q18    Box plotsYesNo
Q19    Compound interestYesNo
Q20    TrigonometryYesNo
Q21    Two way tablesYesNo
Q22    Algebraic proofYesNo
Q23    VectorsYesNo
Q24    Area of complex shapeYesNo
Q25    Simplify algebraic fractionYesNo
Q26    ProbabilityYesNo

2009-11-05 EdExcel 1380-3H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    Place ValueNoNo
Q02    EstimationNoNo
Q03    Linear GraphsNoNo
Q04    TransformationsNoNo
Q05    Stem and LeafNoNo
Q06    Frequency polygonsNoNo
Q07    Fractions and multiplicationsNoNo
Q08    QuestionnairesNoNo
Q09    Surface area Volume Upper and Lower BoundsNoNo
Q10    Simplify Expand Factorise and SolveNoNo
Q11    BearingsNoNo
Q12    Forming an expressionNoNo
Q13    Standard formNoNo
Q14    IndicesNoNo
Q15    InequalitiesNoNo
Q16    RearrangingNoNo
Q17    Box plotsNoNo
Q18    Circle TheoremsNoNo
Q19    Probability TreesNoNo
Q20    Simultaneous EquationNoNo
Q21    SurdsNoNo
Q22    VectorsNoNo
Q23    Recurring DecimalsNoNo
Q24    Graph TransformationsNoNo
Q25    Algebraic ProofNoNo

2009-11-10 EdExcel 1380-4H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    Two way tableYesNo
Q02    Use of calculatorYesNo
Q03    Substitution and factorisationYesNo
Q04    SamplingYesNo
Q05    Plans elevations and planes of symmetryYesNo
Q06    Angles in parallel linesYesNo
Q07    Area of circlesYesNo
Q08    CalculationYesNo
Q09    TransformationYesNo
Q10    Percentage increaseYesNo
Q11    Scatter GraphsYesNo
Q12    Forming an expressionYesNo
Q13    RatioYesNo
Q14    Trial and improvementYesNo
Q15    IndicesYesNo
Q16    PythagorasYesNo
Q17    Quadratic graphsYesNo
Q18    Mean from a grouped frequency tableYesNo
Q19    Expand and solveYesNo
Q20    Moving averageYesNo
Q21    Percentage reductionYesNo
Q22    Similar shapesYesNo
Q23    TrigonometryYesNo
Q24    Stratified samplingYesNo
Q25    Direct proportionYesNo
Q26    TrigonometryYesNo
Q27    HistogramsYesNo
Q28    Upper and lower boundsYesNo
Q29    Solving Algebraic FractionsYesNo

2010-06-07 EdExcel 1380-3H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    SimplifyNoNo
Q02    Stem and leafNoNo
Q03    Angles in trianglesNoNo
Q04    Distance-time graphNoNo
Q05    Transformations - rotationsNoNo
Q06    Transformations - enlargementsNoNo
Q07    RatioNoNo
Q08    Frequency polygonsNoNo
Q09    Volume of triangular prismNoNo
Q10    Multiplying decimalsNoNo
Q11    Fractions of amountsNoNo
Q12    Exterior angles of polygonsNoNo
Q13    QuestionnairesNoNo
Q14    Plot quadratic graphNoNo
Q15    Product of prime factorsNoNo
Q16    Multiplying mixed numbersNoNo
Q17    Factorise Solve Expand and SimplifyNoNo
Q18    Similar trianglesNoNo
Q19    Percentages - depreciationNoNo
Q20    Volume expressions and unit conversionsNoNo
Q21    Simultaneous EquationNoNo
Q22    Cumulative FrequencyNoNo
Q23    Equations of linesNoNo
Q24    IndicesNoNo
Q25    Form and solve equation from shapeNoNo
Q26    ProbabilityNoNo
Q27    Circle TheoremsNoNo

2010-06-11 EdExcel 1380-4H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    ProportionYesNo
Q02    Scatter GraphsYesNo
Q03    Currency ConversionYesNo
Q04    Plotting linear graphsYesNo
Q05    Angles in parallel linesYesNo
Q06    Use of calculatorYesNo
Q07    Circumference of circleYesNo
Q08    Trial and improvementYesNo
Q09    Percentage of an amountYesNo
Q10    Probability and expectationYesNo
Q11    Form and solve equation from shapeYesNo
Q12    Area of triangles and PythagorasYesNo
Q13    Plans and elevationsYesNo
Q14    Mean from a grouped frequency tableYesNo
Q15    InequalitiesYesNo
Q16    Locus of points equidistant from two linesNoNo
Q17    Change the subject of a formulaYesNo
Q18    Standard formYesNo
Q19    Factorise and solveYesNo
Q20    TrigonometryYesNo
Q21    Upper boundsYesNo
Q22    Rules of indicesYesNo
Q23    Area and volume scale factorsYesNo
Q24    SamplingYesNo
Q25    HistogramsYesNo
Q26    Area of sectorsYesNo
Q27    Graph translationsYesNo

2010-11-09 EdExcel 1380-3H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    RatioNoNo
Q02    SimplifyNoNo
Q03    ProbabilityNoNo
Q04    SequencesNoNo
Q05    Area of circlesNoNo
Q06    EstimationsNoNo
Q07    MultiplicationNoNo
Q08    Linear GraphsNoNo
Q09    Triangle propertiesNoNo
Q10    Stem and LeafNoNo
Q11    Percentage IncreaseNoNo
Q12    TransformationsNoNo
Q13    Rearranging equationsNoNo
Q14    Midpoint of a lineNoNo
Q15    NetsNoNo
Q16    Expand Simplify and FactoriseNoNo
Q17    Perpendicular bisectorNoNo
Q18    Mixed numbers NoNo
Q19    Similar ShapesNoNo
Q20    Box plotsNoNo
Q21    Simultaneous EquationNoNo
Q22    Circle TheoremsNoNo
Q23    Expand Simplify and SolveNoNo
Q24    HistogramsNoNo
Q25    Stratified samplingNoNo
Q26    Inverse proportionNoNo
Q27    VectorsNoNo
Q28    Circle graphsNoNo

2010-11-12 EdExcel 1380-4H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    Area of triangleYesNo
Q02    ProbabilityYesNo
Q03    CalculationYesNo
Q04    ProportionYesNo
Q05    TransformationsYesNo
Q06    Simplify and SolveYesNo
Q07    Percentage of an amountYesNo
Q08    Frequency polygonsYesNo
Q09    Use of calculatorYesNo
Q10    InequalitiesYesNo
Q11    Real Life GraphsYesNo
Q12    Forming an expressionYesNo
Q13    Distance Speed TimeYesNo
Q14    Plans and elevationsYesNo
Q15    Sampling and QuestionnairesYesNo
Q16    3D CoordinatesYesNo
Q17    Standard formYesNo
Q18    CalculationYesNo
Q19    Cumulative FrequencyYesNo
Q20    Prime factors and HCFYesNo
Q21    TrigonometryYesNo
Q22    Cubic GraphsYesNo
Q23    Circle TheoremsYesNo
Q24    Upper BoundsYesNo
Q25    Expand and SimplifyYesNo
Q26    ProbabilityYesNo
Q27    Graph TransformationsYesNo
Q28    Advanced TrigonometryYesNo

2011-06-06 EdExcel 1380-3H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    ProportionNoYes
Q02    Scatter GraphsNoYes
Q03    Angles in parallel linesNoYes
Q04    EstimationNoYes
Q05    Substitution Rearranging and InequalitiesNoYes
Q06    Exterior angles of polygonsNoYes
Q07    TransformationsNoYes
Q08    QuestionnairesNoYes
Q09    SequencesNoYes
Q10    Volume and mass of 3D shapeNoYes
Q11    RatioNoYes
Q12    Simplify Indices and Algebraic FractionsNoYes
Q13    Frequency polygonsNoYes
Q14    Construct 30 degree angleNoYes
Q15    Expand Simplify and FactoriseNoYes
Q16    Fractions and Mixed NumbersNoYes
Q17    Proof of equal anglesNoYes
Q18    Cumulative FrequencyNoYes
Q19    Simultaneous EquationNoYes
Q20    Box plotsNoYes
Q21    Equations of linesNoYes
Q22    Indices and SurdsNoYes
Q23    RearrangingNoYes
Q24    HistogramsNoYes
Q25    Forming an expression from cone and sphereNoYes
Q26    VectorsNoYes
Q27    Rearrange algebraic fraction and solveNoYes

2011-06-11 EdExcel 1380-4H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    ProbabilityNoYes
Q02    TransformationsNoYes
Q03    Prime factors and HCFNoYes
Q04    Linear GraphsNoYes
Q05    Area of CirclesNoYes
Q06    Stem and LeafNoYes
Q07    Fractions of amountsNoYes
Q08    TransformationsNoYes
Q09    Surface Area of Triangular PrismsNoYes
Q10    Simplify and SolveNoYes
Q11    Mean from a frequency tableNoYes
Q12    Trial and improvementNoYes
Q13    Use of calculatorNoYes
Q14    Algebraic ExpressionsNoYes
Q15    Inequalities on number linesNoYes
Q16    Reverse PercentageNoYes
Q17    Similar TrianglesNoYes
Q18    Expand Simplify and SolveNoYes
Q19    Standard formNoYes
Q20    Expressions representing volumeNoYes
Q21    Circle TheoremsNoYes
Q22    Stratified samplingNoYes
Q23    Forming expressions from shape and proofNoYes
Q24    ProbabilityNoYes
Q25    Advanced TrigonometryNoYes
Q26    Lower bound calculationNoYes

2011-11-09 EdExcel 1380-3H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    Fractions and percentagesNoYes
Q02    Number patternsNoYes
Q03    Angles in polygonsNoYes
Q04    Stem and LeafNoYes
Q05    TransformationsNoYes
Q06    Mileage ChartNoYes
Q07    Expand Simplify and SolveNoYes
Q08    EstimationNoYes
Q09    Percentage IncreasesNoYes
Q10    Angle reasoningNoYes
Q11    Scatter GraphsNoYes
Q12    Simultaneous EquationNoYes
Q13    Standard formNoYes
Q14    Quadratic graphsNoYes
Q15    Cumulative FrequencyNoYes
Q16    Volume and mass of 3D shapeNoYes
Q17    Substitution and RearrangingNoYes
Q18    IndicesNoYes
Q19    Circle TheoremsNoYes
Q20    Factorise and solveNoYes
Q21    Forming an expression from a triangle and proofNoYes
Q22    Probability TreeNoYes

2011-11-14 EdExcel 1380-4H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    Use of calculatorNoYes
Q02    PercentagesNoYes
Q03    QuestionnairesNoYes
Q04    HCF and LCMNoYes
Q05    Ratio and proportionNoYes
Q06    Angles in trianglesNoYes
Q07    Solving equationsNoYes
Q08    Circumference of circlesNoYes
Q09    ConversionNoYes
Q10    Mean from a grouped frequency tableNoYes
Q11    Simplifying expressionsNoYes
Q12    InequalitiesNoYes
Q13    Linear graphsNoYes
Q14    FactorisationNoYes
Q15    Moving averagesNoYes
Q16    Box plotsNoYes
Q17    Ratio and proportionNoYes
Q18    Unit conversionsNoYes
Q19    Solve quadratic using the equation or completing the squareNoYes
Q20    Trigonometry and cosine ruleNoYes
Q21    HistogramsNoYes
Q22    Similarity and congruenceNoYes
Q23    Factorisation and algebraic fractionsNoYes
Q24    Surface area of a sphereNoYes
Q25    Lower and upper boundNoYes

2012-03-02 EdExcel 1380-3H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    Simplify and expandNoNo
Q02    EstimationNoNo
Q03    Multiplication and percentage reductionNoNo
Q04    Angles in parallel linesNoNo
Q05    ProbabilityNoNo
Q06    CalculationNoNo
Q07    Stem and LeafNoNo
Q08    Solve and SubstitutionNoNo
Q09    Forming an expressionNoNo
Q10    RatioNoNo
Q11    Area of triangleNoNo
Q12    Frequency polygonsNoNo
Q13    Linear graphsNoNo
Q14    Standard formNoYes
Q15    Factorise and simplifyNoNo
Q16    Box plotsNoNo
Q17    Similar trianglesNoNo
Q18    Probability TreeNoNo
Q19    Circle TheoremsNoNo
Q20    Recognising GraphsNoNo
Q21    RearrangingNoYes
Q22    SurdsNoNo
Q23    VectorsNoNo
Q24    Expanding brackets and triangle reasoningNoNo

2012-03-05 EdExcel 1380-4H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    SequencesNoNo
Q02    MeanNoNo
Q03    Currency ConversionNoNo
Q04    Percentage IncreasesNoNo
Q05    Use of calculatorNoNo
Q06    Trial and improvementNoNo
Q07    PythagorasNoNo
Q08    Simplify Expand and FactoriseNoNo
Q09    ProbabilitiesNoNo
Q10    Estimate of mean from grouped frequency tableNoNo
Q11    Inequalities on number linesNoNo
Q12    RatioNoNo
Q13    Area of trapeziumNoNo
Q14    TrigonometryNoNo
Q15    TransformationsNoNo
Q16    Cumulative FrequencyNoNo
Q17    Combined TransformationsNoNo
Q18    Simultaneous EquationNoNo
Q19    Solve by factorisingNoNo
Q20    Advanced TrigonometryNoNo
Q21    HistogramsNoNo
Q22    Upper and Lower BoundsNoNo
Q23    Area of circle segmentNoNo
Q24    Solve by rearranging algebraic fractionNoNo

2012-06-11 EdExcel 1MA0-1H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    QuestionnairesNoYes
Q02    Area (applied)NoYes
Q03    Algebra (Applied)NoYes
Q04    Stem and leafNoYes
Q05    SubstitutionNoYes
Q06    ProportionNoYes
Q07    MultiplesNoYes
Q08    Expand factorise and rearrangeNoYes
Q09    TransformationsNoYes
Q10    PercentagesNoYes
Q11    Solving equationsNoYes
Q12    VolumeNoYes
Q13    Angles in polygonsNoYes
Q14    BearingsNoYes
Q15    Cumulative frequency and box plotsNoYes
Q16    Simplify and factoriseNoYes
Q17    Standard formNoYes
Q18    Area scale factorsNoYes
Q19    Probability treesNoYes
Q20    Simultaneous EquationNoYes
Q21    Circle theoremsNoYes
Q22    HistogramsNoYes
Q23    Algebraic fractionsNoYes
Q24    Converting recurring decimals to fractionsNoYes
Q25    VolumeNoYes
Q26    Transformation of graphsNoYes

2012-06-13 EdExcel 1MA0-2H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    Angles in parallel linesNoYes
Q02    Use of calculatorNoYes
Q03    QuestionnairesNoYes
Q04    Linear graphsNoYes
Q05    Area (applied)NoYes
Q06    Algebra (Applied)NoYes
Q07    Scatter graphsNoYes
Q08    TransformationsNoYes
Q09    ConversionNoYes
Q10    InequalitiesNoYes
Q11    Trial and improvementNoYes
Q12    Relative frequencyNoYes
Q13    Estimation of mean from grouped frequency tableNoYes
Q14    Expand simplify factoriseNoYes
Q15    Algebra (Applied)NoYes
Q16    TrigonometryNoYes
Q17    Percentage: compound interestNoYes
Q18    Pythagoras and trigonometryNoYes
Q19    Standard formNoYes
Q20    Rearranging EquationsNoYes
Q21    ProofNoYes
Q22    Quadratic equationNoYes
Q23    SamplingNoYes
Q24    Sine ruleNoYes
Q25    ProbabilityNoYes
Q26    VectorsNoYes

2012-11-06 EdExcel 1MA0-1H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    ProportionNoYes
Q02    Scatter GraphsNoYes
Q03    Algebra (Applied)NoYes
Q04    QuestionnairesNoYes
Q05    EstimationNoYes
Q06    TransformationNoYes
Q07    AreaNoYes
Q08    ProbabilityNoYes
Q09    VolumeNoYes
Q10    LociNoYes
Q11    Expanding BracketsNoYes
Q12    AreaNoYes
Q13    RatioNoYes
Q14    BearingsNoYes
Q15    SimplifyNoYes
Q16    Linear equationsNoYes
Q17    InequalitiesNoYes
Q18    Angles in polygonsNoYes
Q19    Box PlotsNoYes
Q20    PowersNoYes
Q21    Cumulative FrequencyNoYes
Q22    Simultaneous EquationNoYes
Q23    Equations of linesNoYes
Q24    Rearranging EquationsNoYes
Q25    Area and volume scale factorsNoYes
Q26    Rationalising SURDSNoYes
Q27    Quadratic and trig graphsNoYes
Q28    VectorsNoYes

2012-11-08 EdExcel 1MA0-2H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    Use of calculatorNoYes
Q02    TranslationNoYes
Q03    Algebra (Applied)NoYes
Q04    Pie ChartsNoYes
Q05    Speed distance timeNoYes
Q06    AnglesNoYes
Q07    RatioNoYes
Q08    InequalitiesNoYes
Q09    Stem and leafNoYes
Q10    ConversionsNoYes
Q11    Proof and trial and improvementNoYes
Q12    Frequency polygonsNoYes
Q13    VolumeNoYes
Q14    FactorisationNoYes
Q15    PythagorasNoYes
Q16    PercentagesNoYes
Q17    TrigonometryNoYes
Q18    Equations of linesNoYes
Q19    Standard formNoYes
Q20    Simplifying complex equationsNoYes
Q21    ProbabilityNoYes
Q22    Quadratic equationNoYes
Q23    VolumeNoYes
Q24    HistogramsNoYes
Q25    TrigonometryNoYes

2013-02-28 EdExcel 1MA0-1H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    Multiplying decimalsNoYes
Q02    Scatter graphsNoYes
Q03    QuestionnairesNoYes
Q04    Linear graphsNoYes
Q05    SequencesNoYes
Q06    Conversion graphsNoYes
Q07    Algebra Simplify and solveNoYes
Q08    Algebra (Applied)NoYes
Q09    Power and indicesNoYes
Q10    Angles in parallel linesNoYes
Q11    Algebra (Applied)NoYes
Q12    RatioNoYes
Q13    Angles in polygonsNoYes
Q14    Cumulative FrequencyNoYes
Q15    LociNoYes
Q16    Standard formNoYes
Q17    Complex equationsNoYes
Q18    TransformationNoYes
Q19    Circle theoremsNoYes
Q20    FactorisationNoYes
Q21    ProofNoYes
Q22    EnlargementNoYes
Q23    Surface areaNoYes
Q24    ProbabilityNoYes
Q25    Transformation of graphsNoYes
Q26    VectorsNoYes

2013-03-04 EdExcel 1MA0-2H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    Stem and leafNoYes
Q02    ProportionNoYes
Q03    Speed distance time graphsNoYes
Q04    ProbabilityNoYes
Q05    CirclesNoYes
Q06    Algebra (Applied)NoYes
Q07    Speed distance timeNoYes
Q08    Trial and improvementNoYes
Q09    Volume of prismNoYes
Q10    TransformationNoYes
Q11    Expanding Brackets and factorisationNoYes
Q12    InequalitiesNoYes
Q13    Pythagoras and trigonometryNoYes
Q14    Substitution and rearrangingNoYes
Q15    Area and ratioNoYes
Q16    PercentagesNoYes
Q17    Using a calculatorNoYes
Q18    Box plotsNoYes
Q19    Area of circlesNoYes
Q20    TrigonometryNoYes
Q21    HistogramsNoYes
Q22    Volume of frustrumNoYes
Q23    Stratified samplingNoYes
Q24    Upper and lower boundsNoYes
Q25    Algebra trig and SURDSNoYes

2013-06-11 EdExcel 1MA0-1H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    Place ValueNoYes
Q02    Fractions and PercentagesNoYes
Q03    Stem and leafNoYes
Q04    Expand and simplifyNoYes
Q05    Product of prime factorsNoYes
Q06    Properties of MeanNoYes
Q07    Transformations: translation and combined transformationsNoYes
Q08    Estimation calculationNoYes
Q09    MultiplesNoYes
Q10    Form expression from shapeNoYes
Q11    Distance-time graphNoYes
Q12    Linear graphsNoYes
Q13    Bearings and constructionsNoYes
Q14    Inequalities on number lines and solving inequalitiesNoYes
Q15    Standard form calculationNoYes
Q16    Reverse percentageNoYes
Q17    Volume calculationNoYes
Q18    Simultaneous EquationNoYes
Q19    IndicesNoYes
Q20    Form expression from shapeNoYes
Q21    Cumulative frequencyNoYes
Q22    Similarity and volume scale factorsNoYes
Q23    Simplify algebraic fractionNoYes
Q24    HistogramsNoYes
Q25    Completing the square and graph transformationsNoYes
Q26    Probability treesNoYes
Q27    VectorsNoYes
Q28    Trigonometric graphsNoYes

2013-06-14 EdExcel 1MA0-2H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    Surface area of cuboidNoYes
Q02    ProportionNoYes
Q03    Scatter graphsNoYes
Q04    Relative frequencyNoYes
Q05    QuestionnairesNoYes
Q06    CalculationNoYes
Q07    Ratio and FractionsNoYes
Q08    Area CalculationNoYes
Q09    Angles in parallel linesNoYes
Q10    Trial and improvementNoYes
Q11    PythagorasNoYes
Q12    Solving equationsNoYes
Q13    Midpoints and GradientsNoYes
Q14    Compound InterestNoYes
Q15    Quadratic graphs and solving quadraticsNoYes
Q16    Circle theoremsNoYes
Q17    Box plotsNoYes
Q18    Changing the subjectNoYes
Q19    FactorisationNoYes
Q20    TrigonometryNoYes
Q21    Stratified samplingNoYes
Q22    Inverse proportionNoYes
Q23    Upper and lower boundsNoYes
Q24    Advanced trigonometryNoYes
Q25    Simultaneous EquationNoYes

2013-11-06 EdExcel 1MA0-1H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    ProportionNoYes
Q02    Scatter GraphsNoYes
Q03    Volume of PrismsNoYes
Q04    Simplify and factoriseNoYes
Q05    ProbabilityNoYes
Q06    TransformationsNoYes
Q07    MultiplesNoYes
Q08    Solving equations in a shape contextNoYes
Q09    QuestionnairesNoYes
Q10    Applications of mathsNoYes
Q11    Ratio and proportionNoYes
Q12    Quadratic graphsNoYes
Q13    MeanNoYes
Q14    Power and indicesNoYes
Q15    Simultaneous EquationNoYes
Q16    Surface area and scale factorsNoYes
Q17    Coordinates and linesNoYes
Q18    Cumulative FrequencyNoYes
Q19    Probability treesNoYes
Q20    Algebraic fractionsNoYes
Q21    Direct proportionNoYes
Q22    Circle theoremsNoYes
Q23    EnlargementNoYes
Q24    VectorsNoYes

2013-11-08 EdExcel 1MA0-2H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    Use of calculatorNoYes
Q02    RatioNoYes
Q03    ProbabilityNoYes
Q04    Plans and ElevationsNoYes
Q05    Currency ConversionNoYes
Q06    SetsNoYes
Q07    CalculationNoYes
Q08    SequencesNoYes
Q09    Angles in PolygonsNoYes
Q10    Percentage of an amountNoYes
Q11    IndicesNoYes
Q12    Circumference of circleNoYes
Q13    Distance Speed TimeNoYes
Q14    Estimate of mean from group frequency table and frequency polygon NoYes
Q15    PythagorasNoYes
Q16    Simplify and solveNoYes
Q17    Cubic graphsNoYes
Q18    TrigonometryNoYes
Q19    Standard FormNoYes
Q20    Reverse percentageNoYes
Q21    Factorisation and changing the subjectNoYes
Q22    Form expression from shapeNoYes
Q23    Stratified samplingNoYes
Q24    Volume of cylinderNoYes
Q25    Equations of linesNoYes
Q26    Sine RuleNoYes
Q27    HistogramsNoYes
Q28    Circle theoremsNoYes

2014-06-09 EdExcel 1MA0-1H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    FractionsNoYes
Q02    Stem and leafNoYes
Q03    SetsNoYes
Q04    Percentage ReductionNoYes
Q05    QuestionnairesNoYes
Q06    Expand and factoriseNoYes
Q07    Area CalculationNoYes
Q08    LociNoYes
Q09    Transformations Rotation and EnlargementNoYes
Q10    CalculationNoYes
Q11    External Angles of Regular PolygonsNoYes
Q12    Substitution and rearrangingNoYes
Q13    Estimation calculationNoYes
Q14    Unit conversion and Distance Speed TimeNoYes
Q15    Quadratic graphs and solving quadraticsNoYes
Q16    Box plotsNoYes
Q17    IndicesNoYes
Q18    Simultaneous EquationNoYes
Q19    Equations of linesNoYes
Q20    SimilarityNoYes
Q21    Circle theoremsNoYes
Q22    SimplifyNoYes
Q23    Probability TreesNoYes
Q24    VectorsNoYes
Q25    SurdsNoYes
Q26    Trigonometric GraphsNoYes

2014-06-13 EdExcel 1MA0-2H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    Midpoint of a lineNoYes
Q02    Scatter GraphsNoYes
Q03    Use of calculatorNoYes
Q04    Circumference of circleNoYes
Q05    TransformationsNoYes
Q06    Time calculationNoYes
Q07    Angles in parallel linesNoYes
Q08    Relative frequency and samplingNoYes
Q09    Form and solve equation from shapeNoYes
Q10    Simplify and solveNoYes
Q11    Calculation with volumeNoYes
Q12    SequencesNoYes
Q13    Solving inequalitiesNoYes
Q14    MultiplesNoYes
Q15    Pythagoras and bearingsNoYes
Q16    Standard formNoYes
Q17    SimilarityNoYes
Q18    Percentage InterestNoYes
Q19    3D CoordinatesNoYes
Q20    MeanNoYes
Q21    Expand and simplify and algebraic proofNoYes
Q22    Probability treesNoYes
Q23    Stratified samplingNoYes
Q24    Inverse proportionNoYes
Q25    Volume of cone and hemisphereNoYes
Q26    Simultaneous EquationNoYes
Q27    Sine RuleNoYes

2014-11-05 EdExcel 1MA0-1H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q02    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q03    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q04    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q05    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q06    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q07    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q08    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q09    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q10    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q11    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q12    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q13    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q14    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q15    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q16    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q17    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q18    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q19    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q20    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q21    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q22    Not Yet CategorisedNoYes
Q23    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q24    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q25    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q26    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q27    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q28    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo

2014-11-07 EdExcel 1MA0-2H

Question TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
Q01    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q02    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q03    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q04    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q05    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q06    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q07    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q08    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q09    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q10    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q11    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q12    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q13    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q14    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q15    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q16    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q17    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q18    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q19    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q20    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q21    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q22    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q23    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q24    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q25    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q26    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q27    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo
Q28    Not Yet CategorisedNoNo