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Percentage Paper

PaperQuestion TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
2008-06-02 EdExcel 5540H-4HQ02    Using a calculatorYesNo
2008-06-02 EdExcel 5540H-4HQ10    Ratio and percentageYesNo
2008-06-02 EdExcel 5540H-4HQ22    Upper boundsYesNo
2008-11-12 EdExcel 5540H-4HQ02    Using a calculatorYesNo
2008-11-12 EdExcel 5540H-4HQ03    PercentagesYesNo
2008-11-12 EdExcel 5540H-4HQ09    Percentages - Compound interestYesNo
2008-11-12 EdExcel 5540H-4HQ18    Percentages - depreciationYesNo
2008-11-12 EdExcel 5540H-4HQ23    Lower and upper boundYesNo
2009-06-01 EdExcel 1380-4HQ05    CalculationYesNo
2009-06-01 EdExcel 1380-4HQ08    RatioYesNo
2009-06-01 EdExcel 1380-4HQ15    Use of calculatorYesNo
2009-06-01 EdExcel 1380-4HQ19    Compound interestYesNo
2009-11-10 EdExcel 1380-4HQ02    Use of calculatorYesNo
2009-11-10 EdExcel 1380-4HQ08    CalculationYesNo
2009-11-10 EdExcel 1380-4HQ10    Percentage increaseYesNo
2009-11-10 EdExcel 1380-4HQ13    RatioYesNo
2009-11-10 EdExcel 1380-4HQ21    Percentage reductionYesNo
2009-11-10 EdExcel 1380-4HQ28    Upper and lower boundsYesNo
2010-06-11 EdExcel 1380-4HQ03    Currency ConversionYesNo
2010-06-11 EdExcel 1380-4HQ06    Use of calculatorYesNo
2010-06-11 EdExcel 1380-4HQ09    Percentage of an amountYesNo
2010-06-11 EdExcel 1380-4HQ21    Upper boundsYesNo
2010-11-12 EdExcel 1380-4HQ03    CalculationYesNo
2010-11-12 EdExcel 1380-4HQ07    Percentage of an amountYesNo
2010-11-12 EdExcel 1380-4HQ09    Use of calculatorYesNo
2010-11-12 EdExcel 1380-4HQ18    CalculationYesNo
2010-11-12 EdExcel 1380-4HQ24    Upper BoundsYesNo
2011-06-11 EdExcel 1380-4HQ07    Fractions of amountsNoYes
2011-06-11 EdExcel 1380-4HQ13    Use of calculatorNoYes
2011-06-11 EdExcel 1380-4HQ16    Reverse PercentageNoYes
2011-06-11 EdExcel 1380-4HQ26    Lower bound calculationNoYes
2011-11-14 EdExcel 1380-4HQ01    Use of calculatorNoYes
2011-11-14 EdExcel 1380-4HQ02    PercentagesNoYes
2011-11-14 EdExcel 1380-4HQ05    Ratio and proportionNoYes
2011-11-14 EdExcel 1380-4HQ09    ConversionNoYes
2011-11-14 EdExcel 1380-4HQ17    Ratio and proportionNoYes
2011-11-14 EdExcel 1380-4HQ25    Lower and upper boundNoYes
2012-03-05 EdExcel 1380-4HQ03    Currency ConversionNoNo
2012-03-05 EdExcel 1380-4HQ04    Percentage IncreasesNoNo
2012-03-05 EdExcel 1380-4HQ05    Use of calculatorNoNo
2012-03-05 EdExcel 1380-4HQ12    RatioNoNo
2012-03-05 EdExcel 1380-4HQ22    Upper and Lower BoundsNoNo