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Year 10 Class Test

PaperQuestion TopicWritten SolutionVideo Solution
2011-06-06 EdExcel 1380-3HQ01    ProportionNoYes
2011-11-14 EdExcel 1380-4HQ05    Ratio and proportionNoYes
2009-06-01 EdExcel 1380-4HQ02    TransformationsYesNo
2009-11-05 EdExcel 1380-3HQ03    Linear GraphsNoNo
2012-06-11 EdExcel 1MA0-1HQ04    Stem and leafNoYes
2009-05-18 EdExcel 1380-3HQ05    TransformationsYesNo
2013-02-28 EdExcel 1MA0-1HQ07    Algebra Simplify and solveNoYes
2012-06-11 EdExcel 1MA0-1HQ08    Expand factorise and rearrangeNoYes
2008-05-19 EdExcel 5540H-3HQ07    Surface areaYesNo
2008-11-06 EdExcel 5540H-3HQ11    Angles in a regular polygonNoNo
2013-06-14 EdExcel 1MA0-2HQ09    Angles in parallel linesNoYes
2010-06-07 EdExcel 1380-3HQ09    Volume of triangular prismNoNo
2012-11-06 EdExcel 1MA0-1HQ11    Expanding BracketsNoYes
2008-06-02 EdExcel 5540H-4HQ11    Algebra - simplify substitute factoriseYesNo
2013-03-04 EdExcel 1MA0-2HQ11    Expanding Brackets and factorisationNoYes
2010-11-09 EdExcel 1380-3HQ13    Rearranging equationsNoNo
2010-06-07 EdExcel 1380-3HQ12    Exterior angles of polygonsNoNo
2013-06-14 EdExcel 1MA0-2HQ13    Midpoints and GradientsNoYes
2008-06-02 EdExcel 5540H-4HQ13    Volume and densityYesNo
2008-06-02 EdExcel 5540H-4HQ14    Area Pythagoras and TrigonometryYesNo
2009-11-05 EdExcel 1380-3HQ16    RearrangingNoNo
2012-06-11 EdExcel 1MA0-1HQ15    Cumulative frequency and box plotsNoYes
2013-06-14 EdExcel 1MA0-2HQ16    Circle theoremsNoYes
2012-03-05 EdExcel 1380-4HQ17    Combined TransformationsNoNo
2012-11-06 EdExcel 1MA0-1HQ18    Angles in polygonsNoYes
2008-11-12 EdExcel 5540H-4HQ21    TrigonometryYesNo
2013-11-06 EdExcel 1MA0-1HQ21    Direct proportionNoYes
2013-11-06 EdExcel 1MA0-1HQ22    Circle theoremsNoYes
2014-06-13 EdExcel 1MA0-2HQ25    Volume of cone and hemisphereNoYes
2008-05-19 EdExcel 5540H-3HQ25    VectorsYesNo
2008-11-12 EdExcel 5540H-4HQ26    VectorsYesNo